Monday, April 10, 2017

Main Street News: April 10th

Growing up, I was taught the ten commandments at a very young age. Most education programs at a church will expect their student to learn the ten commandments at some particular age. Of course, none of us are ever too old to learn. They are great rules to live by in all aspects of life, but here is a different set you should take a look at…

                                                The 10 Commandments of Human Relations

  1.  Speak to people. There is nothing so nice as a cheerful word of greeting.
  2.  Smile at people. It takes 72 muscles to frown, but only 14 to smile!
  3.  Call people by name.  The sweetest music to anyone’s ears is the sound of his own name.
  4.  Be friendly and helpful. If you want friends, you must be one.
  5.  Be cordial.  Speak and act as if everything you do is a joy to you.
  6.  Be genuinely interested in people. You can like almost everybody if you try.
  7.  Be generous with praise and cautious with criticism.
  8.  Be considerate with the feelings of others. There are usually three sides to a controversy:    
 Yours, the other person’s and the right side.
  1.  Be eager to lend a helping hand. Often it is appreciated more than you know. What counts most  
 in life is what we do for others.
  1.  Add to this a good sense of humor, a huge dose of patience and a dash of humility. This  
 combination will open many doors and the rewards will be enormous!

Regardless of our walk in life, in business, in volunteer organizations, in family and in a community like ours these ten commandments are applicable. Start with one and see how easy it is to keep in mind in all you do and to all whom you come in contact with. You just might be surprised how it makes you feel better, by making someone’s day.

Don’t forget the Area Wide Rummage Sales scheduled for May 5 & 6.  If you are hosting a sale, the deadline for placing your ad in the Main Street brochure and the Record Review is Wednesday, April 26.  I’m putting in our request to Mother Nature now, we’re hoping for a weekend of nice weather and a successful selling or shopping!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Main Street News: April 3rd

With spring’s arrival and longer daylight hours, we are itching to be outside more and more. We also start thinking of all those activities we have been unable to enjoy over the long winter months.  Grilling outside, park visits with kids, outdoor ball games, and rummage sales! 

The Spring Area Wide Rummage sales are scheduled for May 5 & 6.  This is a great time for a number of people:  those who have treasures they no longer need and those who are looking for treasure.  It is spring cleaning time -a time to go through those closets, basement, attic and garage. If you’re like me, when I no longer have a use for something, I just can’t throw it away.  I always figure it might be of use to someone.  I try to find a home for it and pass it along or donate it.  For some people having a garage sale is a prime opportunity to move those things right out of the house and make a little money at the same time.  So get busy and organized.  Do that garage & basement cleaning. Sort through those boxes, clean out the kid’s toy box and put together a sale.

The annual City Wide Clean Up dates are scheduled for April 19-21.  This can help with those items you may find in your Spring Cleaning process that aren’t fit for donation or sale. Curbside pickup will be available on certain days in your neighborhoods.  Watch for more information in the Record Review. 

The Annual Rummage Sale days have become a time for some friends and family to join forces and unload some of their ‘stuff’ while hosting a sale.  Contact the Record Review for your ad information.  Deadline is April 26 so don’t wait.  They will print your ad in the paper and the Main Street program will publish it in brochures for shoppers to utilize.  Those brochures will be available at local businesses prior to the sales.  Both publications will have a map of Barnesville featuring your sale site!  Ads are being sold to businesses for print in the flyer and many are running specials those days.  Don’t forget to check them out too.

This event brings carloads of people to our community.  This not only helps those who host a sale, but local businesses as well.  Visitors will need lunch, gas, treats, and will stop at local businesses too.  So get ready Barnesville area…Rummage Sales are coming May 5 & 6.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Main Street News: March 27th

Showcase 2017 happened on this past Saturday. It was another busy day in our community for businesses and residents both. Special thanks to all who made it possible again this year. Without the participation of the businesses and organizations represented, it would not have been held for this the 25th year. I heard many comments from vendors that they had a great day and were glad that Barnesville has a show right here in town.

All of the businesses who participated this year are to be commended for their commitment to Barnesville. They have gone out of their way to have a booth, invest their dollars in the event and reach out to customers and visitors alike. This forward thinking indicates their willingness to do business with you. It indicates their motivation to serve you as their customers and listen to your inquiries and suggestions. It is extra work for everyone at the business for them to be at Showcase and we do recognize that. Barnesville will thrive in today’s economy because of the support of its residents. Let’s continue to support these enterprises with your business – they are here for YOU! 

The entertainment, presentations and activities provided were second to none. We appreciate the time those individuals gave to help make Showcase an enjoyable event for all of those attending. Carol Albright and her art students provided an additional bright spot in our show with the Art Show. By sharing their talents and knowledge, they made a wonderful addition to this event. The food vendors were a hit with tantalizing smells luring us to the old gym for a delicious meal or a treat

I would like to thank the committee for the efforts put forth in organizing the event. Dar Hines, Bruce Albright, Marylin Eaves, Pete Larson, and Shane Raw have spent countless hours in meetings of preparation, soliciting entertainment, food vendors and booths as well as the manual labor in the set up & tear down of the entire gym! We also appreciate having the school as a facility in which to hold showcase. The administration and staff are so cooperative to work with. An event of this size and nature would not be successful without their support!  There are so many others who volunteered in a variety of ways to make the show a success: Irene Schenk, Sally Braton, Kay Lane, Miss Barnesville Alexis Peterson, Ivy Olson and Betty Picard. A HUGE thank you to all! We couldn’t have done it without you!

A special thank you is given to The Barnesville Lions, Barnesville Thursday Nite Lions, VFW Post # 4628 and the VFW Ladies Auxiliary 4628 for sponsoring the Barnesville Bucks door prizes again this year. We do appreciate the generous support from these entities.  

We look forward to Showcase 2018 and seeing you again!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Main Street News: March 20th

March 25th brings you 5 opportunities by staying right here in town this weekend.

For the curious, the shoppers and the planners out there…over 40 businesses will be offering their merchandise or sharing information about their businesses to help you their customers take advantage of all the businesses in Barnesville and the surrounding area.  Come to Showcase…it’s FREE and who knows what kind of deals and connections you may make.  You may even win a prize, as we will be giving away $25 in Barnesville Bucks every 25 minutes!

For the music lover, the entertainment enthusiast…there is talent galore when you Come to Showcase.  Come of our own local talented youth will share their work with the community.  Students will present an Art Show, piano students of Sarah Leach will share their musical skills, Suz Dance Studio and the Just for Kix dancers will delight us in their creative, artistic and athletic skills and the NW Martial Arts group will amaze us with their presentation!

For the social butterflies…Come to Showcase and spread your wings.  Visit with your friends and neighbors or make a new one. Have a lunch or snack and relax!  Check out the young business people at the Kid$ in Bu$ine$$ booths.  Spend the whole day or make a short visit – either way you’ll have a good time!   

For the hungry…delicious and unique foods from the Barnesville area will be served up all day so Come to Showcase.  From a regular lunch meal to satisfying your sweet tooth with a dessert item or snack, no one will leave hungry.  Between the Purple Goose & Ole & Lena’s and the Country Chuckwagon you won’t leave on an empty stomach. The VFW and Girl Scouts are also teaming up to offer a variety of goodies.

For the generous…This year we are encouraging everyone to bring items to donate for the Barnesville Area Food Pantry when they Come to Showcase. They are currently in need of many items and we want to help stock their shelves. Help us “Fill the Booth” and support this great cause!

Regardless of your needs or time and interests, there’s something for you at Showcase 2017.  Come by and help us celebrate the 20th year of this unique part of Barnesville.  If you want to join the Main Street Program that day, stop by the welcome table and do so.  A special prize drawing will be held from those who join that day only! 

So, stop on by this Saturday, March 25 from 9 am – 1 pm at Barnesville High School. You’ll be glad you did.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Main Street News: March 13th

I don’t know about you, but while I was in school, I would hear my teachers say “ We have two ears and one mouth so we should listen more and talk less”.  More bluntly John Wayne said it too, “You’re short on ears and long on mouth.”  Either way we are reminded to listen to others.  This is good advice for everyone regardless of our walk in life.  Whether it be our personal or professional life, this is a lesson we can strive to learn.

Many of our local business people will be doing just that on March 25. They are the businesses at the Main Street Programs Showcase event. They are customer driven, forward thinking business that want be successful in their work and often go the extra mile to do so.  They participate in Showcase to see their customers and take time to visit with them – listening and talking to make relationships happen. 

Showcase 2017 is an opportunity for businesses to reach out to their customers – New and Old.  The businesses that come to Showcase are those that want to connect with their customers, thank them for their business, get a chance to visit face to face and explain how they can serve them in other ways.  They will listen to the customers and try to meet your needs.  Perhaps Showcase doesn’t allow enough time for you to sit down with that business manager or owner and work out specifics of your situation, but it is an opportunity for you as a customer to meet them. You can reach out to them and take that first step. 

Whether you are an ‘old’ customer or a ‘new’ perspective one, those businesses at Showcase want to connect with you and are happy to visit that day and in the future. They want you to do business with them.  They appreciate their customers and are committed to our community. Their presence at Showcase is just one more piece of evidence of that attitude of business.

Showcase 2017 will be Saturday, March 25. Stop by the high school from 9am – 1pm for a chance to visit with many businesses or check out a new business. We have a large variety of vendors that are looking forward to seeing you at their booth.  It’s free admission so you can’t beat the price!

Barnesville is fortunate to have the businesses that are willing to support Showcase, say thank you to their customers and ‘show’ to those in attendance what they have to offer.  Come out and join them in a great day of hospitality, business, entertainment and good food.

You could be surprised at who is exhibiting.  Visit with a business you’ve never been to or worked with before.  Think outside of your ‘normal’ routine and give our local business owners a shot at obtaining your business.  They have committed to our community.  We, as individuals, can give them our business and support the community at the same time.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Main Street News: March 6th

Showcase will be March 25th from 9 am-1 pm at the Barnesville High School. At this year’s Showcase, we will again host the Kid$ in Bu$ine$$ division. It is an addition to the show in which kids can be the exhibitors.  Kids in grades 4th-12th are welcome to have a booth in which they can sell items which they have made or sell a service which they are interested in providing.

It is a chance for that young entrepreneur, that young business person, to step out into the business world and get their feet wet. Some are truly talented with the merchandise they’ve sold.  Some are very professional and have ‘grown up’ signage, flyers and display methods.  Some are naturally outgoing in personality and greet customers as they pass their booth.  ALL are excited to be doing their business and to be part of Showcase opportunity.

In past years, many kids have had booths hoping to make some money for their savings accounts or that item they have been wanting.  Who knows what products and services we will find this year.  Those attending Showcase should be on the lookout for the young entrepreneurs.  Take some special time to visit with them, ask them questions about their booth and help them learn about being a business person at the same time.

Information on having a booth has been distributed in the schools, but if you missed it, registration forms are available in my office.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 354-2479.  I’d be glad to give you more information.  The Showcase Committee looks forward to having a great turnout at the show this year – as Kid$ in Bu$ine$$.  

Monday, February 27, 2017

Main Street News: February 27th

Every day in our walk in life, we have the opportunity to promote Barnesville, to encourage growth of businesses, our school and our entire community. Telling people why we choose to live here, telling them about the things we enjoy about our community, telling them about the school system and about the businesses, services and organizations that we have are all qualities that we share. We do this through our business and personal interactions everywhere we go. Just mention Potato Days and everyone’s heard about Barnesville!    
This past weekend we had a huge opportunity for us to tell others our story. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, volunteers visited with interested visitors to the Barnesville Booth at the Home and Garden Show at the Fargo Dome. Many people were interested in leaving the larger communities for a small, town to raise their families. They were excited to learn more about what Barnesville has to offer and what sets us apart from the other similar size towns in the area.
The volunteers that helped tell the Barnesville story this past weekend include city council members, EDA board members, Main Street Board and committee members and residents. They all have a special interest in doing what they can to help grow Barnesville. We appreciate their generosity in giving their time and enthusiasm at the booth, but it doesn’t stop there. We need your help to continue these efforts all year long! Help us continue to share the message that Barnesville is a great place to call home! 

It’s been said, “Enthusiasm is NOT the same as being excited. One gets excited about going on a roller coaster. One becomes enthusiastic about creating and building a roller coaster.” This quote sums up the attitude of many of the volunteers for Barnesville that we work with. They are building a better Barnesville through their enthusiasm.