Monday, February 29, 2016

Main Street News: February 29th

Do you know of or are you involved with a group or organization that needs money?
If you are active in our community, then I’m sure you answered YES.  All of our community based organizations have worthwhile projects that they are looking to fund.  So much good work goes on to help others, make Barnesville a better community and move those special interest groups forward in their goals, that most could use a few extra dollars all year round.
If you answered YES to that question, I have a proposition for you.  Consider having a Food Booth at this year’s Showcase on Saturday, April 2 from 10 am – 2 pm.   The ‘old’ gym at the high school will be busy on stage with many different types of entertainment all day long and the crowds come to enjoy the talent showcased there that day.  And they come hungry!  Many are looking for a late breakfast, some lunch, something to drink or just a snack.  It’s a great way to help fund your group and it doesn’t have to be a great deal of work. Part of the fun of attending any event is the mouth-watering food served.  We look forward to having a wide selection for all attending.
The Showcase committee is looking for food booth vendors for the day and will coordinate to avoid duplication of items.  That means no two booths will be selling the same thing.  We want you to be a success!  Youth groups, civic clubs, sports groups, 4-H clubs and more are all welcome. 
If you are interested in having a food booth, have some special food offering and also want to get the word out about your organization, just give me a call at 354-2479.  I’ll be glad to give you more information to help you decide and welcome you to be a part of Showcase.  A Showcase Food Booth is FREE, but you do need to let me know soon – space is limited.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Main Street News: February 22nd

Every day in our walk in life, we have the opportunity to promote Barnesville, to encourage growth of businesses, our school and our entire community. Telling people why we choose to live here, telling them about the things we enjoy about our community, telling them about the school system and about the businesses, services and organizations that we have are all qualities that we shared. We do this through our business and personal interactions everywhere we go. Just mention Potato Days and everyone’s heard about Barnesville!    
Coming this week is another huge opportunity for us to tell others our story. Friday and Saturday, volunteers will be visiting with interested visitors to the Barnesville Booth at the Home and Garden Show at the Fargo Dome. Many people that are interested in leaving the larger communities for a small, town to raise their families will be there to learn more about what Barnesville has to offer and what sets us apart from the other similar size towns in the area.
The volunteers that are helping to tell the Barnesville story this weekend include city council members, EDA board members, Main Street board and committee members and residents. They all have a special interest in doing what they can to help grow Barnesville. We appreciate their generosity in giving their time and enthusiasm at the booth. They continue to work at making Barnesville a better place for us all – current and future residents. 

It’s been said, “Enthusiasm is NOT the same as being excited. One gets excited about going on a roller coaster. One becomes enthusiastic about creating and building a roller coaster.” This quote sums up the attitude of many of the volunteers for Barnesville that we work with. They are building a better Barnesville through their enthusiasm.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Main Street News: February 15th

            It has been an exciting few weeks in the Main Street Office, especially when the mail comes! Between membership dues coming in and people signing up for Showcase, I have been busier than ever.
First off, I want to thank everyone who has already sent in their membership dues. We are so fortunate to have so many people who value their membership and know they are benefiting Barnesville through their commitment. But secondly, I want to thank the new members that have decided to join this year. This has been the most exciting part, to see names of businesses and people who see the impact the Main Street Program has in Barnesville. You too should be excited about what you are doing for this community! I want to let you know that you should be receiving plaques to post in your place of business or home very soon.
Also, to those that are still considering joining I would like to encourage you to take part. If you have not been contacted and would like more information, please contact me and I would be more than happy to share the benefits of becoming a member! The Main Street program has been in existence in the Barnesville community for 25 years and continues to work very hard to promote our city as a great place to live, work and play though numerous projects and events throughout the year. Our annual membership drive helps us bring in needed revenues to continue these projects and make plans for other ways to help our community.  

            If you have any questions about the Main Street Program or may be interested in becoming a member of the program for 2016, please feel free to contact me at the office by calling 354-2479 or sending an e-mail to Barnesville is great, but together we can make Barnesville better than ever!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Main Street News: February 8th

Busy, busy, busy! That seems to be the theme in the Main Street Office lately. Although we don’t have an event in the next few weeks, we are busy planning for the many events coming up in the months ahead.
 In the past, the annual Toast of the Town has been held in February. This event will still be happening, but in a different fashion at a different time! As some of you know, this is one of our big fundraisers for all of the beautification elements in the town. That means the upkeep of Friendship Park, the planters, hanging baskets on Front Street, and much more! We hope to make this event successful to continue these efforts, but that means we need your help! No this doesn’t mean any manual labor; we just want you to come out for a fun night on the town! Look for more information coming in the next few weeks!
We have also been planning for the 24th annual Showcase event. This will be held April 2nd from 10 am-2 pm at the Barnesville High School. Brochures went out last week, but if you have any interest in having a booth please call the Main Street Office at 354-2479!
Then before you know it, it will be time for the Spring Area-Wide Rummage Sales! This year they will be held May 6-7th.  I know many of you have been already getting ready for this!
We have also changed our date for our Show ‘n Shine car cruise nights. We are now going to be meeting downtown on the 2nd Thursday of each month May-September from 5 pm- 8 pm. Make sure you mark your calendars and spread the word! I will also be making up flyers. If you happen to be going out of town and willing to hang up a poster or pass out some flyers, please stop up in my office to pick some up!

We are excited and looking forward to all of these Main Street events. We hope to see everyone there! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Main Street News: February 1st

If your mailbox is anything like mine, besides the usual bills, it is often filled with ‘requests’.  These are requests to support many worthwhile charities and organizations. They may be local, regional or national. I’m also guessing that like many others, your household income is already mostly designated.  The utilities, medical, insurance, car, food, church, school needs, clothing bills, etc. all need paying.  Due to the influx of requests, choosing where to spend our discretionary funds can become an exercise of investigation. We can’t and shouldn’t just give to every request. We are expected to be good stewards of our dollars and should choose wisely. We should take time to give it some thought and serious consideration.  

Of course, the direction that this is leading is for a ‘request’! That means the annual Main Street Membership Drive. Consider becoming a personal member as an individual for $15.00 or a Couple for $25.00. While these levels of membership are somewhat different than the business and organization levels, they are equally important. When giving it some thought, below are a few reasons to help you decide.

The Top 10 Reasons to Join the Main Street Program as a personal member.

10.  Help ‘drive’ the organization’s mission of building relationships between residents and  
  1. Support promotional events like the Showcase, Miss Barnesville Pageant, Community Picnic, Toast of the Town, Show ‘n Shine Car Shows, Rummage Sales, Golf Tournament, Miracle on Front Street activities
8.   Your contribution helps fund enhancements to beautify our town, as well as to welcome visitors and new residents
  1. Name recognition at several events and in publications throughout the year
  1. Evidence that you support Barnesville’s business community
  1. A chance to say “I care about our community!”        
4.   Opportunities to network with other community members making new friends, and possible
      business connections for yourself
3.   Improve & increase community spirit and well- being
  1. Opportunities to volunteer for programs, services and events

And the top reason to have Membership in the Main Street Program…
  1. Personal investment, satisfaction and pride that you help Barnesville grow and thrive

To all of you who have invested in the Main Street Program with your dollars by becoming a member, we would like to thank you. Your support is so appreciated and needed. We couldn’t do it without your generosity. Every membership dollar counts and helps us to fulfill our responsibilities. For anyone considering membership or who would like to know more, please give me a call. I would love to share more about Main Street with you.

Membership in Main Street Program is a sign of your commitment to Barnesville and making it a better place to live and work, grow and play…Building a Better Barnesville.