Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Main Street News: May 23rd

Destination: Milwaukee, WI. Yes, that’s right, I’m packing up and heading 545 miles east. It’s an eight-hour drive, but it will be all worth it once I get to the National Main Street Conference. A lot of people think our program is designed to just help our Main Street in town. That isn’t the case! The Main Street Program is designed to work and assist the entire community. The name is from a national community revitalization program active in many states across the nation, known as the National Main Street Center. This is a subsidiary of the National Trust of Historic Preservation. The National Main Street Conference happens every year, but isn’t always this close. 
This three-day conference will take a deep dive into the Main Street’s four-point approach and focus on different ways to improve communities. Some of the topics offered include new director training, entrepreneurship, growing locally owned businesses, vacant storefronts, and how social media can help manage your program- just to name a few. This will also be a great opportunity to network with other directors. I’m sure there will be many conversations about problems other communities face, how they are dealing with these problems, and how they compare to Barnesville. 
I am going to take advantage of this opportunity and hopefully bring back some excitement and knowledge. Then the next step is putingt it to good use in Barnesville!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Main Street News: May 16th

 1.  Trim the trees/bushes,
2.  Wash/stain deck
3.  Replace trim boards on shed
4.  Paint door frames
5.  Landscape block for front flower bed
6.  New tree in back yard
7.  AC services 
8.  Fertilize the yard

Does your spring to-do list look like this? Many homeowners have a similar or even long list and it’s just the right time of year to tackle it.

Not all of these items are fun, but all are necessary. There’s always something to do when you own a home. Upkeep is essential for not only appearances, but in some cases safety as well. Sometimes we get a few great ideas for change – adding something new to the yard, renovating your home or even yard design.

When you get the time and energy to tackle your to-do list be sure to get your supplies or help from our local businesses. Many items and services can be found right here! This includes but is not limited to paint and supplies, landscaping stones and rock, plants, seeds and trees, fertilizer, tools, etc.
A number of services are also available to do it for you. Mowing, fertilizing, weed spraying, carpentry, handy man jobs, shingling, AC servicing, electrical work and more are available for hire. 

We have a great deal of goods and services here in Barnesville that other similarly sized communities have to offer. In visiting with people from out of town, I find they are often surprised to find how much we do have. I would venture to guess that some of our own residents don’t even know all that is available here for them. 

Take a few extra minutes to call or stop by that local business and see if they can help you with your needs. If they don’t stock it, they’ll probably order it for you. They can give knowledgeable advice and help you make good choices so you won’t have to re-do that project. They are eager to help you, pleased to be of service and appreciative of you choosing them for your business. They are your friends and neighbors, parents of your child’s friend, your fellow volunteers, they sit by you at ball games, church and just about anything you do in town. They play a large role in the Barnesville business community.  Be sure to play your role too by shopping with them. It helps everyone – and you’ll be closer to the end of that to-do list!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Main Street News: May 9th

May is a month full of celebrations: Cinque de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Syttende Mai, graduations, class field trips and parties and Memorial Day. Throw in a wedding or birthday and the calendar is full! Then your few free evenings are filled with the usual community or work meetings and tasks at home. Maybe you can try to squeeze in a little time for basketball games in the driveway, throwing the baseball around or an evening walk.  Spring has always been my favorite time of year and being out in the sunshine is just a part of why that is. Many of you in Barnesville have shown evidence of the same. Gardening is on the list of springtime favorites for a number of you and seeing folks outside working in their yards gets us excited for our upcoming Yard of the Week recognition to start in June! With so much going on, a variety of gatherings and food, it is no wonder why this month always seems to fly by!

Just as Spring is upon us, we all know that the month will go quickly and before you know it we are into Summer! While you are planning that calendar of events don’t forget two fun-filled opportunities to gather with your friends and neighbors right here in Barnesville.  The Main Street Program will be hosting the 16th Annual Golf Tournament on June 14th at Willow Creek Golf Course.  It is a time for golfers and non-golfers alike to connect on the links and enjoy a little well-deserved R&R too.  A month later, the Evening at Blue Eagle Community Picnic will be held on July 28th.  This brings together everyone in town for a good, old-fashioned picnic gathering.  We will also be crowing our 78th Miss Barnesville as well! Plan to help us celebrate good food, good friends and a good community in Barnesville! Committees are hard at work preparing for these two events for you to enjoy.  If you are interested in golfing or would like to help at the picnic, give our office a call.  Be watching for more specific information coming soon.  I invite you to take advantage of attending these events and be proud of your community.  

Friday, May 6, 2016

Main Street News: May 2nd

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAIN STREET!! Yes, that’s right, it’s our birthday! On May 1st, 1991 the Main Street Program became a reality in Barnesville. It all started to improve Barnesville’s visual appearance and the business community. Now 25 years later, the program is still thriving! Without the support of everyone in the community, we wouldn’t be able to hold the title of the longest consecutive running Main Street Programs in the state of Minnesota! Way to go Barnesville!

It has been extremely busy in the Main Street Office, so we don’t have much time for celebrating! (Don’t fret! We will make sure there is time for cake later this year!)

The 8th annual Toast of the Town was held last Friday, April 29. This event, sponsored by Main Street’s Design Committee, is held to raise funds to help support beautification efforts in Barnesville. This includes flowers, plants, banners, trash cans and more. Our welcome planters and signs at the entrances into town are needing some additional work either in bedding plants or construction repairs. There are always plans and ideas in the works to make improvements in keeping Barnesville a beautiful community.

As with any event, there are many to thank. A number of businesses contributed items for door prizes. The contributions of these people and businesses are appreciated. Their continued support of fundraising efforts and those of Main Street in particular tells us all that they care about their community. Don’t forget to thank them by doing your business with them! Shane Balken and the staff at the Purple Goose provided fine food and a wonderful place to hold the Toast event. We couldn’t thank them enough for all of the work they put in to make this event a success! And of course, I would like to thank those that attended the Toast of the Town this year. Your interest and support make this event a success. We do appreciate your participation and hope that you enjoyed yourselves. We look forward to next year and hope you’ll join us again.

We also have the annual Spring Area-Wide Rummage Sales coming up at the end of the week. I want to thank the Record Review for all of their help to coordinate this event year after year! It is unbelievable how many people look forward to this event every May!

Again, I want to thank everyone who has ever helped at a Main Street event, been a part of a committee or board, donated to our program or participated in a Main Street activity in the last 25 years. Barnesville is such a great community and we are so proud to be a part of it!